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Mosaic Masterworks Rivulet Pattern
Mosaic Masterworks Rivulet Pattern
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Hard floors-Natural-stone flooring
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Our Mosaic Masterworks Collection represents the very finest in modern day American craftsmanship. Fresh, updated designs are interpreted by master mosaic artists into stunning creations.
Once a design is decided upon, Natural Stone is cut into small pieces called Tesserae. By a process of meticulous hand selection, the Tesserae are then sorted by tone and color. Subtle three dimensional effects are achieved as the artist carefully selects the appropriate shade of Tesserae. Each piece is then hand clipped with a special nipper to form the proper shape and angle to fit within the design and set into place.
It is through this very special process which our Mosaic Masterworks Collection is created and furnished for your most important projects.

Color: Jerusalem Gold & Ivory Cream
Finish: Honed & Polished
Thickness: 3/8"
Material: Limestone
Format: Clear Tape Faced

Interiors Walls, Backsplashes, Fireplaces, Interior Floors.