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Floe Bed
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The FLOE bed was inspired by the ephemeral and geometric forms found in nature. The design features upholstered elements set together at different angles to make a plastic composition, which gains rhythm and distinctiveness and acquires a definite shape and function.

The headboard is available in two forms - a basic, narrower design and an extended version with additional swinging wings that enable adjustment of the angles of the sides. To connect the headboard to the sides we have used a very simple material – a vertical band of thick saddle leather sourced from a local tannery. The leather’s natural flexibility makes it easy to adjust the angles of the sides, to give the bed composition either a more open or more intimate character.

The specially designed recesses in the headboard - created by the converging sides of the triangular elements - provide a comfortable support for the back, ensuring comfortable reading and relaxation in a sitting position.

The properties of the soft upholstery materials and the geometric divisions of the headboard create an optical, dynamic play of light and shadow. FLOE, through the sculpture-like shape of its headboard, introduces an extra decorative aspect to an interior.

The bed can be freestanding or placed against a wall. It is available in three mattress widths. The headboard is available in the classic version or the extended version with additional adjustable sides.