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The Loop CPU holder is a strong and lightweight solution for CPU storage. Loop is economically packaged to minimise logistical costs and packaging waste. Quick and simple to install, Loop CPU holders have a black strap to house the CPU which creates minimal visual impact on the workspace.

Loop is a simple space saving solution to remove the CPU from the desk and floor, away from potential damage from dust, feet and vacuum cleaners. The glass filled nylon body can be fitted directly under the desk, with an optional slide and rotate mechanism.

Loop supports the CPU by webbing, which is tightened by a ratchet mechanism and is fully adjustable.

Key features
Simple, light and effective CPU holder
With a minimalist black strap, Loop integrates seamlessly with the desk
Minimum materials used, provides lightweight solution for shipping and storage
Easy to install, CPU is supported by webbing which is easily tightened by a ratchet mechanism
Fully adjustable