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New York, Amsterdam, Marseille, Shanghai, the environment of the “docks”, basins in the havens, represent unique places where exchange are tied to intense rustcolours marked by foreign travelling. Johanne Cinier has been inspired by these places and she has designed three unique models on.

“Unique” collection:
The most exclusive of the Cinier collections.
True works of art, these models are produced individually by hand by Johanne Cinier, using natural pigments and oxides.
She draws her inspiration from working with the material... grooved, etched, sculpted – giving the impression of an imprint.
Sometimes the colour used is bright; it spreads out over the uneven surface and creates a new, unique shape.
Working with texture creates contrastive effects: matt and gloss, dark and light.

These models are made from Olycale stone, a natural and ecological material for the interior of a house or apartment.
Their radiation at low temperatures provides a very pleasant, enveloping sense of comfort and warmth.
The models are available as a hot water version and an electric version with a programmable electronic thermostat to further increase energy savings.
The output ranges from 500 to 2000 W depending on the size of the model.

Dimensions : 2200 x 500
Hydrolic Model
DT50 Normal : 982W / Boosted : 1379W
DT60 Normal : 1193W
Electric Model
Normal : 1100W / Boosted : 1650W

Thickness : 30mm
CE Norms : EN 442
class II
NF Norms électricté