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The ChronArte Quadro wall clock shows, at a single glance, both a visually depicted and precise display of the time. Colored textile bands build up to form a colored face, which grows as time passes. After twelve hours, when the 12-columned face is fully colored, the monochromatic bands change in less than one minute to form a white square – and then the pattern can begin to form again.

Quadro measures 50x50 centimeters, is radio-controlled, and changes automatically from standard to daylight-saving time. Bands and aluminium frame are offered in various colors and finishes. Special orders are possible according to individual requests. Every clock is produced in Switzerland as a numbered individual piece.

Twelve bands, one for every hour, run over two specially designed single wheels. Each of the twelve pairs of rolls is powered by its own tiny electric motor, which moves the band using electronic pulses at one minute intervals.

Timeless elegance is evidenced in the quadratic form and the materials used. The aluminium frame is glass bead blasted and colorless anodized or lacquered in anthracite. The time bands are made out of polyamide and elasthane. Colors: Cardinal-Red, Cobalt-Blue, Quartz-Grey, Yolk-Yellow, Moss-Green.

Dimensions: height and width 50 cm,
depth 7 cm
weight 6 kg
Battery-operated with 3 x 1.5 V mono batteries
Radio-reception (DCF-77-signal) for exact time synchronization. Beyond the range of reception a quartz controlled timer is used.
Automatic changeover from standard to daylight-saving time

Functional and observational accuracy of +/- 2 min
Very simple installation