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The evolution of human civilisation is linked to the use of wood as a source of energy and a material for building shelters. The differences in colour, density, and grain, even the almost imperceptible ones, represent the main characteristics of the quality and value of wood, and have made it an essential element of finishing and decoration from the first forms of housing up to the present day.
While in the collective imagination stone represents solidity, wealth, and urban character, wood is the expression of warmth, everyday life, agrarian character and simplicity. Used with mastery mindful of ancient skill, wood gives the volumes a traditional look and a strong naturalistic appeal.
WOOD ESSENCE by Cerim develops a project in which shapes and colours dialogue in a simple, new space, bringing into relationship the rustic and essential nature of an intimate atmosphere that gives a privileged place to all the objects we love, in a balanced and creative manner.

Dimensions (cm) glazed porcelain stoneware

16,05 x 96,3
16,5 x 58 (listello sfalsato)
24 x 96,3
16,5 x 66,4 (matt - grip)