Everything that is human is subject to human vanity.
Vanity as lightness of mind, simplicity, grace, the ephemeral breath of nature. Vanity is the desire for the perfect image, vanity is woman, irresistibly feminine, fresh and irrepressible, cheerful and playful. Intrinsically child-like.
Vanity is also man, the enthusiast of his own beauty, who studies and admires himself, looks in the mirror and likes what he sees. For man, vanity rhymes with elegance, vitality, power. To care for the body is synonymous with equilibrium and intelligence. When it has to do with beauty, today’s man foregoes nothing.
Vanity is the innate insubstantiality of delicate natural creatures such as butterflies and flowers, emblems of beauty, of life, of love. In the language of flowers, the colour purple is the expression of the meaning of vanity itself, Cerim’s source of inspiration in the creation of the VANITY collection, which embodies it in various hues and soft shades.
Purple, a positive colour in the various world cultures, expresses pure energy: the force tied to the vitality of red and the intimate cosiness of blue. The lighter shades express sensuality, the darker shades spirituality. It communicates prudence, humility, sobriety, temperance.
It is the colour of the desire to be different, of metamorphosis, transition. It represents the urgency of expressing oneself: it is the colour of art, of imagination, of dream. Those who love purple need to feel their freedom, want to charm and to be admired, just like those who choose VANITY.
VANITY is the Cerim collection for the bathroom, the place of vanity and personal care, of well-being and relaxation, of the expression of your own personal style.

Dimensions (cm) white-body tile

2,5 x 2,5 (tessere mosaico)
20 x 60