Urban Slate is the ceramic slates collection launching the new design path in Cerim. Highly technological glazed product, realised with the aid of digital decoration, Urban Slate is a series available in 5 colours and three sizes, able to answer all residential and commercial building requirements.

The colour Sunshine is inspired by the warm and changeable colours of Ayers Rock, the most famous rocky formation of the Australian territory; Sea Water is the intense green of the Amazon forests, a full-bodied and compact shade; Lake Mirror is the white of the Dolostone the rock composing the Italian Alps, whereas Golden Dark is the mellow and warm black of the carbon mines in Belgium; finally, Sand is the colour of the desert and of the sandstone with which the historical city of Petra, in Jordan, was built.

Dimensions (cm) fine porcelain stoneware tiles

3 x 3 (mosaic tesserae)
33 x 66,4
33,3 x 33,3
50 x 50