Genuineness takes possession of the space, while memory and future embrace in an indissoluble and cosmopolitan bond.
Terracotta is first and foremost an expression of manual activity, of products obtained by working the clay, drying it and firing it in the kiln. A basic mixture, through the millennia, the clay is modelled like a tasty and crisp bread. Its hues blend with the colours of earth to create an eternal natural effect. Imprints, glazes, and colour variety guide this product in the wake of traditions that remain incredibly current.
Fragile but not perishable, terracotta tells the story of the journey of humanity, handing down stories of long-ago times, of customs and practices, of traditions, of hands willingly soiled with dirt or meal, ready to build, step by step, a better future. The rediscovery of terracotta is modelled purely on the contemporary need for authenticity typical of the families of our times.
The TERRECOTTE by CERIM becomes protagonists of the space thanks to a modern sensibility applied to an ancient material, the result of technological research and human passion. Four colours, pure and essential, communicate simple and personal emotions, adapting to diverse places, styles, and architectures, but all characterised by an immediate and aesthetic functionality.

Dimensions (cm) glazed porcelain stoneware

16,5 x 33,3 (matte - grip)
25 x 50
5 x 5 (mosaic tesserae)
50 x 50
33,3 x 33,3 (matte - grip)