Precious is Cerim’s luxury collection of glazed porcelain stoneware floor tiles and white body wall tiles inspired by valued species of marble. Precious tiles are natural in appearance, elegant in design and available in six smart colours.

The Pearl version is based on the marble quarried in Lasa (Alto Adige): a material of calcareous origin, luminous and translucent, that has been used for centuries for construction and sculptures for its brightness and workability.
Almond is based on Saint Nicolas marble, a rare and precious material found in Belgium.
The Cream and Biscuit colours come from, respectively, the Spanish marbles Crema Marfil and Emperador, which are widely used in construction.
The Italian marble known as Daino Reale, crossed by veins in warm shades of brown and beige, provided the inspiration for the colour Vison.
Lastly, the Chocolate version recalls the lively patterns and chromatic depth of the Indian marble called Fantasy.

The shiny surface of Precious tiles enhances the six warm colours and brings out hidden details. The rectangular 32.1x64.2 tiles can be used to make geometric patterns and, used together with decorations and special sizes, to create intriguing settings. The matching floor delimits the space, creating atmospheres that are captivating for tactile and visual perception.
The added value of Precious lies also in the decorations (produced internally), which create inlaid motifs that can improve any part of the house.

Dimensions (cm) glazed porcelain tile and white-body cladding tiles

3 x 3 (mosaic tesserae)
32,1 x 32,1
32,1 x 64,2 (wall)
48,15 x 48,15 (matte and shiny)