The oldest material used by man to tile ambients is renewed by Cerim in a modern key.
Le Pietre di Cerim series, made of 8 different varieties in graphic and shades, reaches a new expressive richness and gives back appeal of the most beautiful stones used in architecture: the accurate aesthetical and chromatic selection makes this product ideal for dressing the ambients with a young and elegant style.
Proposed in porcelain stoneware for floors and white-body for walls, Le Pietre is completed by a wide range of coordinated sizes that enable an extremely versatile use in residential and commercial premises.

The glossy finish, obtained by polishing the surface following the application of vitreous grit, brightens the 8 available colours.

A large variety of decorations and special trims, enrich the Pietre range, making this product an ideal choice for tiling premises.

Dimensions (cm) white-body and porcelain stoneware tiles

16,05 x 48,15
20 x 33,3
32,1 x 32,1
32,1 x 48,15
48,15 x 48,15
48,15 x 96,3
3 x 3 (mosaic tesserae)