The Desert Light collection is inspired by a stone material of limestone nature commonly known as Camel Gold. It is a stone with a soft surface and made of a delicate tangling of graphics, ton-sur-ton, enriched by strong and incisive veinings.

To exalt these features, typical of natural stone from which it is taken, the Desert Light ceramic tiles collection is treated on the surface with a procedure similar to bush-hammering and subsequently softened, for a velvety feeling sensation.
The series comes in five colours: Sahara and Kalahari (white and ivory) are the colours also found in nature; Namib, Gobi and Thar (grey, fired brick and black) are the shade variations allowing the collection to widen use opportunities.

Desert Light is a galvanised product for floors.

Dimensions (cm) glazed porcelain stoneware tiles

16,5 x 16,5
3 x 3 (mosaic tesserae)
33,3 x 33,3
50 x 50