The first of the new Cerim collections explores an urban-chic style, with a New York flavour, to be completed with trendy furnishings - slightly retro, very graphic and with bright colours.

Cerim gathers together an aesthetic and functional heritage that is continuously renewing itself with extreme simplicity, asserting the almost severe beauty of its industrial origin. Neutral colours and a soft, velvety surface bring to mind metropolitan surroundings able to transform themselves into dynamic, welcoming places that adapt to any residential context.

Dimensions (cm) glazed porcelain stoneware

15x45 modulo listello sfalsato (matte)
15x45 mosaico tessere 2,7x2,7 (matte)
24x96,3 (matte - squared)
33x66,4 (matte)
48,15x48,15 (matte - squared)
48,15x96,3 (matte - squared)
50x50 (matte)