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Ekho Nut Struttura
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Product description

MATERIAL: Porcelain stoneware.
COLOURS: Silk . Nut . Gold
SURFACES: R9 natural and R11 textured
SIZES: 30x240RT . 19.7x120RT. 29.7X120RT

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The Ekho series enriches the Supergres range with a new, large, rectified size 30x240.

The length of the staves makes it possible to fully appreciate the beauty and extremely natural look of wood-effect flooring.
The Ekho series comes in three different warm, natural colours: Silk, the lightest colour, increasingly popular with interior designers; Gold, warm and golden, and Nut, which has played a key role in the latest furnishing trends.
Ekho brings warmth and character to settings, creating an alluring, inviting ambience. It is available in both a natural finish for indoors and in a textured, non-slip surface for outdoors, for those who enjoy the warm appeal of wood even in the areas outside the home.

The timeless style and warmth of Ekho wood-effect stoneware can adapt to any taste and all types of settings, furnishing public and residential spaces with an extremely practical material that blends beautifully with contemporary furnishing colours.
Ekho is a versatile, highly resistant surface, which does not stain, does not wear out, and both the colour and technical and functional characteristics remain unchanged over time.
This is what makes Ekho the ideal flooring for those seeking the beauty of wood even in more challenging areas such as the kitchen, the bathroom and the outdoor area of residential settings, and it’s also the ideal solution for public settings subjected to greater stress.

A floor of timeless beauty for a splendid furnishing touch.