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Azulej cubo bianco
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Product description

Material: Rectified homogeneous porcelain stoneware with cold digital printing glazing
Mutina production: Industrial
Finishing: Smooth
Sizes: 20x20 cm
Colors: 3 base colors, 27 different patterns in 20x20 compose a set which combine with its own field tile. 9 single patterns for each color in the size 20x20 create endless combinations.
Thickness: 10 mm
Intended use: Internal and external walls and floors, domestic and non domestic environments
Technical features: Resistant to sudden changes of temperature, to chemical agents, antifreeze, easy to clean.

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The new ceramic production technologies, developed in the latest years, have enticed us to personally revise a material which has always been used, the decorated cement tiles. The technical limit of the ceramic process was actually the impossibility to re-create the artisan precision of the decors and the color vividness.
Azulej, the new tiles collection which Patricia Urquiola has designed for Mutina, reminds of the ancient handcrafted majolica, made of hydraulic cement. This tradition- revised with a contemporary look – is serially realized in 20x20. It is a strong review of the patchwork composition: an innovative mix and patch, deliberately random, which combines abstract patterns and subtle, neutral colors, a little used. The colors are fixed on the material in an irregular and natural way, seeping on the edges as in an handcrafted process. A unique and surprising result, which offers compositional freedom and a distinctive design, which preserves the handmade features and combines them with the performances of a high technology material.

Azulej is a very complete collection which can be used to create very decorated spaces but also minimal ones. It is composed by three base colors (white, light grey and dark grey), available in the sizes 20x20 cm, with which 27 different patterns are created to compose a set, not singularly on sale, which can be combined to the field tile and randomly laid to be endlessly repeated.
From these three patchwork compositions, 9 individual patterns for each base color in 20x20 have been selected to be singularly used, to be combined to each other or to the field tile, to create endless compositions as “carpets” in the middle of a room or as stunning decorated floor and wall tiles. Also the base color represents an excellent solution both for the floor and for the wall, since it recreates a neutral surface with a mixture of different shades, obtaining a wonderful “concrete effect”.