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The Cerámica Mayor window sill is a piece of extruded porcelain stoneware that is resistant to frost, chemicals and water absorption, which means it can be used all over the world, without worrying about it. The window sill has dimensions of 18x50, ideal for use on windows, to prevent the accumulation of fluvial water, on doors that lead to the outside of the house and need, in the same way as the windows, to evacuate fluvial water, for the creation of planters, as its shape and colours in which it is manufactured will bring a modern touch to the space or as a edge in small pools that need to optimise the space as much as possible, these are just some of the uses, as our pieces are completely versatile.

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Woods is a porcelain stoneware that imitates wood in warm, warm and light colours that bring warmth to any space. Its textures and finishes are soft and organic, while the material offers all the strength and durability of ceramic. Woods withstands all kinds of wet weather conditions or arid climates, retaining its colour. Shades range from neutral greys to warm browns to suit any atmosphere and evoke a homely feel. Within its wide range of pieces you will find such as the Creta edge, the RJ67 ceramic drain grate and the finishing pieces or half reeds to allow optimum cleaning inside the pool. Both the Creta edge and the RJ67 grate can be used to create pools of all types, with straight lines, curved shapes, skimmer type, overflowing, infinity, etc. so that you have at your disposal all the versatility possible to carry out your perfect project. The Woods collection is available in 20x120, for indoor and outdoor use, and 22.5x90, exclusively for outdoor use.