Crosscut Cloud Aruba pool edge

Ceramic tiles from Cerámica Mayor

Product description

The Aruba pool edge by Cerámica Mayor measures 25x50 cm and is ideal for overflowing pools (although it can also be placed as a skimmer edge) due to its 5% slope, the larger side being 34 mm and the smaller and closer to the pool 22.6 mm. Its format with a length of 50 cm makes it perfectly compatible with all our drainage gratings also with a length of 50 cm, perfect for all the joints to match without causing visual errors. In addition, to obtain a wider pool coping, it can be combined with a ceramic drainage grating and a grating support that will create the sensation of a wider pool edge while also creating the sensation of a larger pool.
Manufacturer Cerámica Mayor
Family Aruba
Architonic ID 20254354

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