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Antichi Decori Ogliastro
Antichi Decori
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Product description

Since 1963, Ceramica Francesco De Maio has always been respected for its cultural and artistic heritage through countless generations and has had an handmade production of majolica, for over six hundred years, produced with the ancient Vietri processing techniques and with glazes handed down from generation to generation for more than 500 years. All the decorations are still handmade on the Bianco Vietri glaze when the object is still unfired, thus underlining the inestimabile value given to the final piece by the human touch.

Material: hand-decorated double-fire tiles (also available in handmade cotto, stoneware and anti-slip, if requested)
Francesco De Maio production: handicraft (double-fire and cotto handmade) and Industrial (stoneware and anti-slip)
Finishing: Smooth
Sizes: 20x20cm - 30x30cm
Thickness: 10 mm - 12mm
Composition: 1pcs
Complementary pieces: Antichi Decori can be combined with the 10x20cm size and with Pennellati a Mano in various colours and sizes.
Colours: Bianco, Arancio, Giallo, Verde Ramina.
Antichi Decori is sold in box of 25 (or 11) decors in the 20x20cm (or 30x30cm) size each for a total of 1mq (or 1mq).
Intended use: internal and external (stoneware and anti-slip) walls and floors, domestic and non domestic environments.
Technical features: Resistant to sudden changes of temperature (stoneware and anti-slip), easy to clean.

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The wide treasure of forms and decorations on Vietri majolica is full of Latin, Byzantine, Arab, Renaissance and Baroque motifs that were once used to pave the ancient villas and patrician houses, churches and monasteries. In full respect of Vietri’s cultural and artistic heritage, the Ceramica Francesco De Maio, since 1963, has been evoking this ceramic tradition with the production of a collection of incomparably precious majolica, the Antichi Decori Collection. Magnificent majolica made according to the ancient technique of hand-made decoration that give shape to elegant rugs and refined ceramic tapestries that stand out for their elegant shapes and timeless design.