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L41 Sled
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288/289 Sled

Rodolfo Dordoni works alongside Cassina once again with the Sled sofa. Following the Pilotta small armchair and the Eloro sofa, a new project in which the designer once again draws on the company’s time honoured tradition of exemplary wood craftsmanship. The curved workmanship that characterises Sled highlights the natural charm of the wood and underlines Cassina’s ability to combine artisan craft with technology.

Sled. The aerodynamic rush of a sled. An interpretation of the sofa that has been missing from the Cassina I Contemporanei Collection, one which now embellishes it with new inspiration. Low, clean, slender, it evokes all the sophistication and elegance of early 1960’s American living rooms. The Kennedy era of prosperity and dynamism, dominated by self-assured, confident and impeccable style.

Sled, the result of a careful equilibrium between weight and volume, is available in a two or three-seater version. The back and armrests are composed of curved plywood, in a material and visual continuum. The cushions - linear yet soft and welcoming - rest on the base in a clean, harmonious formation. The backrest cushions may be equipped with a reclinable headrest for further versatility. This sofa has not been designed to be showy but nonetheless it possesses great presence. Perfect for the centre of a room, thanks to the great care that has gone into the rear-facing section, which integrates with the backrest and functions as a surface and bookcase.

An island that is rich in features; dynamic, yet at the same time elegantly constructed. Ideal, due to its understated style and functionality, in both domestic and public settings. To further enhance its versatility, the sofa can be completed with numerous accessories, all of which are made in wood and notable for their dynamic minimalism: shelves, small containers. The two-seater model, in particular, can be equipped with a side table or pouf.

The matt black lacquered aluminium structure supports the seat, which is fitted with elastic belts. The leather or fabric upholstery enhances the essential forms in the design. The internal structure of the reclinable backrest is made from steel and polyurethane foam with differentiated-density inserts. All padding, with polyurethane inserts, is available in Dacron© or soft goose down. The curved wood comes in a single finish; stained black ash. The feet are made from matt black varnished die-cast aluminium.

Measurements: 2-seater sofa 110 x 170 x h. 40/64.8/94 cm - 3-seater sofa 110 x 255 x h. 40/64.8/94 cm - bench element 85 x 85 x h. 40 cm

L41 Sled

Cassina’s expertise in wood craftsmanship can be recognised in the working of the headboard and the original rear shelf, which can be used as an unconventional night table or a small night-time bookshelf, for a bed with a compact, measured form which is at the same time dynamic. Sled is ideal for the centre of the room, in a large and important sleeping area, where it is perfectly accessible from all sides. Clear and fine geometry for the soft cushions of the headboard, in perfect continuity with the wood surface. The bed, with a stained black oak frame, is also available in a Sled Slim version, without the rear shelf, that is adaptable to the wall.

Rodolfo Dordoni has also designed some wooden furnishings to complete the sleeping area: a desk with an asymmetrical top and integrated drawers, and two night tables on castors available with one or two drawers.

Measurements: 178, 188 or 198cm x 254cm - Sled Slim 233cm (mattress 160, 170 or 180cm x 200cm) x
h.30/50/65cm or h.30/50/90cm - Sled Slim h.66 or 91cm.
King size 211cm x 257cm - Sled Slim 236cm (mattress 193cm x 203cm) x h.30/50/65cm or h.30/50/90cm - Sled
Slim h.66 or 91cm.
178 or 198cm x 264cm - Sled Slim 243cm (mattress 160 or 180cm x 210cm) x h.30/50/65cm or h.30/50/90cm -
Sled Slim h.66 or 91cm.