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083 Deadline Who's Afraid of Red
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Living room/Office accessories-Mirrors >

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Materials: frame in solid natural or tinted black ash-wood.
Measurements: 50x70cm

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Artistic inspiration for 12 graphic reflections. A unique collection of mirrors by Ron Gilad.
“In the very beginning of life, we first become aware of our existence by being mirrored in the eyes andfaces of those around us. The foundation of the sense of who we are in the world begins here.As our awareness grows, the mirror as an object becomes an additional tool for self-reflection.The Deadline series dissects reality into parallel layers and offer the spectator the possibility tocontemplate a more complex and poetic reality.The reflection of the spectator is not just objective, the pure functional aspect becomes secondary,distorting our perception of the mirror as an object.Our understanding of a mirror is that it reflects the ‘now’, ‘the moment’. In these mirrors the ‘now’ isinfused with the ‘was’ or the ‘might have been’…” Ron Gilad.

The Deadline series is a clear reference to the contemporary art world. A question mark about who we are and what we see, whether it is reality or a reflection of reality. In a first collaboration with Cassina, Ron Gilad continues his dialogue with modernism and presents a set of rectangular, square and long mirrors, 12 works of art to functionally decorate the home. Following the spirit of Cassina in the development of complex projects, the construction of the
mirrors has an architectural basis: mirrors that reflect mirrors, mirrors that reflect shadows, mirrors that reflect reality. Each piece is made up of two mirrors coupled at a 12mm distance: the back of the front mirror is decorated in orange, blue or red so that the back mirror reflects geometric forms, creating two levels, two perspectives, that bring the graphics to life. This complex effect continuously changes depending on one’s position. Like valuable pieces of art work, each mirror is placed in a solid natural or tinted black ash-wood frame with visible joints which highlight their Meda Made wood craftsmanship. The frames can be dismounted for cleaning purposes. Each mirror has its own poetic and evocative name and can be exhibited alone or grouped together for strong artistic impact.