The tiles of the Maiolica collection are made with extruded ceramic, pure kaolin and generous amounts of glazing that interpret traditional materials in a modern style.

Elegant, modern surfaces and luminous shades of colour - the light refracts on the material, caressing the rounded edges and contributing movement and smoothness.

The Maiolica collection comes in four colours that are suitable for any environment.
Bianco - a snowy freshness that fills the room with lustre and lightness, creating a calm, relaxing atmosphere. Nero transforms the place of installation adding distinction and appeal. Argento and Oro express innovation, giving surfaces an exclusive tactile effect.

Nero and Bianco tiles are available with Victorian-style damask decorations, while Argento and Oro can be supplied with two tribal patterns.

Dimensions (cm) extruded ceramic tiles

5 x 5 (tessere mosaico)
15,2 x 15,2
7,6 x 15,2