Earth as a place.
Earth as a material: origin and present. Casa dolce casa in the word "Terra" finds its past and the spirit of craftsmanship that has always characterized her aesthetic choices without abandoning a contemporary language. Tradition and new life are the characteristics of a series that knows how to communicate to those who take the time to listen and carefully observe the superposition of an ancient memory. The sensory experience of a project is the key to let emerge the creative and aesthetic potential from simple and malleable material.

The collection is available in five sizes including a new slab of 80x180cm and in two finishes natural and grip (grip only 40x40 and 40x80).
Completing the Terra floor and wall tiles are the mosaic tesserae on a net of 30x30 and the 21x40 offset strip , both in the natural surface finish.

Dimensions (cm) fine porcelain stoneware tiles

21 x 40 (listello sfalsato matte)
40 x 40 (matte and grip)
40 x 80 (matte and grip)
5 x 5 (tessere mosaico)
60 x 60 (matte)
80 x 180 (matte)
80 x 80 (matte)