Elegant materials, simple textures and full colours are the features of Belgique, a product with a surface that recalls oak wood.

Inspired by typical Flemish themes, Belgique has a Mitteleuropean flavour, just like the Pietre/2, Cuoio and Porcellana collections. The flowing grain of the wood lends interiors a refined atmosphere. The large strips and the possibility of laying the tiles in coffered patterns (together with Cuoio and Pietre/2) let you give shape to fascinating decorative geometries.

Belgique is available in six shades. Natural, Warm and Tan are soft, dense colours that bring out the delicate tones of parquet; Grey, Milk and Dark are better suited for sober, stylish environments that elicit more intimate moods.

The Belgique collection includes a textured version in size 20x120 cm. The surface is lined with shallow incisions inspired by the marks that were left by the artisan working of hand-cut wood.
This finish is ideal for outdoor pavements, for installations requiring non-slip floors or for creating highly suggestive environments.

Belgique slabs are made of technical porcelain stoneware obtained by blending precious mixtures using the Casablend technology.

Dimensions (cm) fine porcelain stoneware tiles

10 x 120
10 x 40
15 x 120
15 x 15
20 x 120
5 x 5 (tessere mosaico)
20 x 120 (structured)
20 x 180
26,5 x 180