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Next gen 2
Next gen 2
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The use of parametric models for form finding ranges from interior design to urban planning. Stemming from the idea of considering complex processes and correlations in a mathematical way to simulate shapes and developments, technology has now found its way into creative processes.

With next Gen, Carpet Concept is using parametric models in carpet development for the first time. These models shape the correlation of the manufacture and the laying of carpets. Width sizes, cutting edge and repeating patterns are the factors that have been declined mathematically. These resulted in the model parameters whose creative definition was used to produce various designs.

The character of the new design process is incorporated in the products as an aesthetic quality. The mathematical logic creates familiar shapes. Classical wire loom woven textile in anthracite or black forms the background featuring modern designs with either a harmonious or accentuated effect. next Gen comes in four designs in seven colors.

Method of manufacturing: woven, 2-frame
Surface texture: loop, patterned, textured
Delivery form: roll width approx. 200 cm
Pile fiber: 100 % PA
Type of backing: synthetic latex conducting
Colors: 7