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CAS Rooms
CAS Rooms
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CAS Rooms provide an innovative textile room system allowing the design of office areas – quick, simple and flexible. Open-plan areas like central zones are restructured and acoustically optimised with CAS Rooms. Unlike inflexible zoning concepts, the modular system provides unique design scope. In new buildings as well as in existing office areas, versatile configurations are possible according to requirements: from modules for effective screening and zoning of workstations through to complete rooms for almost all communication and work situations. And all that can be achieved with exceptional design and comfort: the acoustically effective product structure efficiently reduces the noise level; high-quality textile surfaces generate a welcoming and inspiring ambience. CAS Rooms offer room for focused working on one’s own and cross-cutting teamwork, for confidential meetings and relaxed talks.

Without any great effort, CAS Rooms can be expanded or adapted to changed conditions. The CAS Rooms system is based on 27 modules and three connection types allowing the combination of varied configurations. The three fabric collections Lain, Crep and Dubl from the Carpet Concept Acoustic System CAS offering a total of 63 colours are available for the design of the textile surfaces. Additionally, door and wall elements made of glass provide for openness and transparency. Owing to the modular structure, the freestanding room system can be assembled and dismantled or adapted to new requirements in a short period of time.

CAS Rooms open up new possibilities for office work and the exchange from person to person. Em- ployees not only benefit from the need-based workplace but also from the ambience. High-quality textile surfaces combine the acoustically effective product structure with a feel-good atmosphere. The result are perfectly screened off rooms, which open up to the different requirements of sus- tainable office planning.

CAS Rooms is based on a common idea and a product development by Carpet Concept, Lindner Group and GiB - Gesellschaft für innovative Bautechnologie.