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Powerful LEDs were installed at the junction points of the stainless steel X-TEND mesh for the product X-LED. The individual image/light spots can be individually determined so that the spacing and number of the lights can vary depending on requirements.
X-LED is an architectonic design element which opens up various possibilities of use: as a pure lighting element it lights up a house façade or bridge railing and is simultaneously a securing and design element. By a well-directed activation of individual LEDs, X-LED can be employed as a variable promotional ad board. Thanks to a DVI / VGA interface, video contents can be presented. 3-D shapes are also feasible without difficulty by the flexibly shapeable mesh structure.
The static representation comprises the RGB colour palette as well as the colours amber, cold-white, intermediate white, and warm-white. The dynamic representation employs the RGB colour spectrum. The X-LED mesh is available in mesh widths from 50 to 300 mm. Their size is freely scalable, since the mesh can be manufactured in endless rolls.
The transparent mesh structure guarantees a permeability of more than 75 percent. X-LED is furthermore extremely low-maintenance and has a low dead weight.
The experts from Carl Stahl are available for enquiries about the product X-LED. As with all other products, we will gladly work with you to plan and implement your project.