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Meltdown Floor
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New floor and table lamps have been developed from the enchanting Meltdown: the characteristic spherical shape diffusers in coloured glass paste, mouth blown in a mould, are available in the same colours or a mix of preconceived finishes. The floor version is available with five or eight diffusers, the desktop version with one diffuser. This is a product where the illuminating function becomes an excuse to create an object with a strong personality. The colours available are dove grey, rose, tobacco, light blue, amethyst and amber. The diameter of each lamp is 285 mm.

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Cappellini astonishes the design community with a new surprising lamp. Also the packaging is exciting, a portable box that exalt its lightness.
Confirming his attitude to be synonymous with conemporary and avant-garde design, Cappellini presents a new product from a talented young designer: the Meltdown lamp by the Swedish Johan Lindstén. The official date will be January 2013 at the Imm Cologne fair (Germany). The project was shown at the Salone Satellite Milan 2012 and Cappellini will astonish the design community presenting it in a very short time.
Meltdown is a group of lamps of thin coloured glass with a spherical shape. The inspirational idea was to make something beautiful from the disastrous nuclear accident in Fukushima. Would an actual meltdown occur and what would the impact be? The disaster is reflected in the lamps where the process already begun and the bulb are about to melt through the last defence of the glass. The diameter of every lamp is 285 mm and they can be composed in the linear way or as a grape.

Lamp Meltdown - Single bowl
bowl dimension: diam. 26,4 x h. 29,5 cm.
ceiling fixing disc: diam. 11 x 2 cm.
PO/1301: Available in the following colors: Amber VT1 / Tobacco VT2 / Pink VT6 / Amethyst VT5 / Light blue VT4 / Dove VT3

Lamp Meltdown - 3 bowls in line
bowl dimension: diam. 26,4 cm. x h. 29,5 cm.
linear ceiling fixing: cm. 130,8 x 7 x h. 2 cm.
PO/1304: Fix combination of colors: dove, light blue, amethyst
PO/1305: Fix combination of colors: pink, amber, tobacco

Lamp Meltdown - Grape of 4 bowls
bowl dimension: diam 26,4 cm. x h. 29,5 cm
ceiling fixing disc: diam. 33,8 x 2 cm.
PO/1302: Fix combination of colors: amethyst, amber, dove, pink

Lamp Meltdown - Grape of 8 bowls
bowl dimension: diam 26,4 cm. x h. 29,5 cm
ceiling fixing disc: diam. 45 x 2 cm.
PO/1303: Fix combination of colors: tobacco, pink, dove, light blue, amethyst, amber, amethyst, pink