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Sou...-Sound absorbing freestanding systems >

Product description

Caimi continues its research into sound and acoustic panels, taking full advantage of its patented SNOWSOUND® technology with a view to improving acoustic comfort in closed spaces. Designed by Lorenzo Palmeri, an architect specialised in planning, design, and interior design in addition to music production and composition, Corista is the “pret-a-porter” evolution in acoustic panels. Maximum performance in minimum bulk in a technically innovative and highly functional product, which is also lightweight and practical. Corista offers the important advantage of being easy to move, handle and transport. With a streamlined design, these panels have no frames or seams. Form and function come together in a product with exceptional sound absorption and enhanced by reliable fire resistance. Made in a single eco-compatible material, it is 100% recyclable and manufactured in industrial series. The concept underlying the patented SNOWSOUND® technology lies in its use of panels composed of variable density material, which achieves customised sound absorption to match a diversity of frequencies. As a result, the product improves the room acoustics despite the minimal thickness of the panels and their incredible weightlessness. The surfaces of the panel are covered in Trevira CS® polyester applied to the inner polyester padding with which it forms a single, seamless object. This method creates a surface which seems soft to the eye, yet is extremely durable and resistant to tears and punctures.

Materials and finishes

• Finish: nero
• Base in epoxy coated steel: black

Dimensions 159 x 44 cm