Product description

Volcano size _37,5x75

Product family


Nature, the source of inspiration for a new material. Verse is pure ceramic. Made in Italy porcelain stoneware as the framework for the basic elements of shape: colour, texture and size.

Different paths, one shared destination. The Design blend that interprets the many fonts of inspiration, creating the new texture of contemporary style.

Colour: the element of synthesis and balance between the various textures, that guides them towards a new concept of Design.

The natural surface, finely chiselled: the merger of elegant aesthetics and soft tactile sensations.

A contemporary plank-size tile supplements the existing square and rectangular sizes of the collection: a new perspective of the space that enhances possible applications and modular installation solutions.

bending strength
resistance to scratches and abrasion
low absorbency
resistance to stain and chemicals
easy cleaning
resistance to frost and thermal shock