Product description

60 x 60 cm
30 x 60 cm
14,7 x 60 cm


Ancient and ultra modern. Surely Uniqua.
Uniqua, the porcelain stoneware travertine is as eternal as the works of ancient Rome and as modern as contemporary architecture projects. The interpretation of the typical contra-verso cut gives a specific direction to veining and adds Uniqua with a new, original and contemporary style.

A Uniqua light
Caesarʼs constant research and development is not limited to the creation of new collections, new materials and to achieve innovative solutions for architecture, but it is also dedicated on creating new finishes that can make the product really unique.The “Bright” finish, created to meet todayʼs market needs, gives to the tile a surface sheen and a deep matter effect, maintaining a pleasant tactile sensation.

Uniqua reinterprets travertine in different sizes giving designers and architects countless solutions for floors and walls.