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Workflow Steh-/Sitz-Tisch T 5000 Workflowkombination "120 Grad"
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Quality, esthetics, and functionality in the workplace
Workflow is a complete workplace system that provides solutions for office spaces of all types. For individual or team office, manager’s office or conference room: Workflow has an appealing, dynamic, and functional solution for any furnishing challenge in any place.

Workflow moves people! It is scientifically proven, and your own experience will also prove us right: Permanently sitting in the same position harms the spine, fails to stimulate the body, and dulls creativity. Most conventional height-adjustable desks only allow the height of the entire work surface to be adjusted. Thanks to the double-top philosophy, it is possible to “stand up and stretch your legs regularly” without constantly having to raise and lower the table. And the standing table is also an excellent platform for efficient, brief meetings. The technology panel integrates everything from power supply and data transmission to all required organization tools. Temporary discussion areas can be created in a flash thanks to the mobile meeting desks.

A variety of decors for the tabletops (direct surfacing, HPL, alum. compact, and real wood) and the range of frame colors allow all architectural design concepts to be realized exactly as the planner envisages.