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Imeuble is no ordinary storage system. Imeuble’s stunning vibrant colors dance between the illusion of a 2D and 3D space playing with perspective and your mind. Imeuble fits somewhere between Design and Art, which is quite fitting for a piece that changes from every angle you look at it.

It’s design plays on the concept of a link between the storage inside and outside our minds. An idea that our memory functions are spatial, like when you’re reading a book, spatial images occur of scenes and characters. It’s that transition from the two dimensional to a feeling of three dimensions that Imeuble has captured so beautifully.

Each Imeuble “unit” is designed with a hexagon back plate, holding 3 individual boxes.
The back plate is mounted on a flat wall with 3 screws. The boxes slide into the back plate and are available in five standard NCS colors that can be easily moved around and mixed in any combination to create your own version of this stunning design.

The Imeuble Original is developed using 7 units with colors deliberately selected to enhance the 3D experience.

Every Imeuble unit is manufactured to an extremely high specification. The material is high quality MDF with lacquer coating. World wide warranty is 5 years.

Height: 175,5cm
Width: 140cm
Depth: 23,5cm