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constructiv CLIC
constructiv CLIC
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Burkhardt Leitner >
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Modular spaces-Exhibition systems >
Modular spaces-Trade fair systems >

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constructiv CLIC as exhibition-system
Project: Exhibition Aquarium Wilhelma, Stuttgart 1997
Design: Eva Herz, Margarete Hirsch

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Thanks to its basic structure with two design planes, the rear and the front can be independently used to create an information panel that can be covered on both sides and studied from all round.

constructiv CLIC as shop system

Active shopping dominates our consumption behaviour – shopping as a leisure pursuit. Contemporary shop architecture has to offer an experience. And to do so it needs space systems that allow new sales worlds to be created again and again in a minimum of time and without major conversion costs. Its high design quality and surprising depth of equipment make constructiv CLIC and constructiv PILA Petite superb shop-in-shop systems and also fully-fledged shop systems, making possible unconventional shop fittings. A wide variety of individualised interior furnishings for goods presentation can be developed using the system elements. Printed graphic panels allow sales-strategic customer routing.

constructiv CLIC as exhibition system

A convincing exhibition creates an aura, to incorporate the visitor into the interaction of space, exhibit and visitor and inspire visitors to delve more deeply into things – in the art or design field, in museums or galleries. The exhibition system itself has to be unobtrusive. Both constructiv CLIC and constructiv PILA Petite recede with their filigrees structure into the background, in order to obtain undistracted attention for the exhibit. Flexible and modular, they are particularly suitable for changing and travelling exhibitions that benefit from short assembly and dismantling times, and low transport volume and weight. Exhibition design the systematic way.

constructiv CLIC as trade fair system

Thanks to its variety of features and high degree of modularity, our smallest architecture system is transformed from a simple display to a fully-fledged trade fair system. Without having to rely on assembly personnel, it’s child’s play and fun to assemble thanks to magnetic forces. That way it’s possible to build trade fair stands in next to no time – individually fitted with back-lit wall panels, ceiling structures with integrated lighting, counters, shelves and various presentation elements. And with translucent films, which can be made by screen printing or digital printing and also used for back projection of films or slides.