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KUM120: Kumulus chandelier in handblown glass
Total height: 900mm
Diameter: 1200mm

Wire suspension, body in polished chrome, ceiling rose in white lacquered steel. Halogen lighting.

Kumulus chandelier is made from chrystal glass mouth blown on free hand, making each chandelier unique. The chandelier is available in two sizes, and can be custom-made in different colours, sizes and shapes. Examples of colours include clear, white, blur and red.

Kumulus120 has a diameter of 1200mm and consists of 73 pieces, 9*20 GU Decostar bulbs

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Like an explosion of glass!

Chandelier with handmade parts of crystal glass which makes each chandelier unique. Kumulus comes in two sizes. Chandelier 120 measures 1200 mm in diameter and consists of 73 pieces of crystal. Chandelier 95 measures 950 mm in diameter and consists of 42 pieces. The crystal is made at Studioglas Strömbergshyttan glasswork in Sweden.

Can be manufactured in several different colours and custom-made in size depending on requirement.

Body in polished chrome. Wire suspension and ceiling rose in white lacquered steel. Halogen lighting 12V with plug-in transformer.