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tempuro 6352/A
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The new swivel easy chair – made from one piece, lightweight and modern.
The more affordable variant of our success model tempus: tempuro is a contemporary conference chair that works great even without complicated mechanics – while at the same time providing lots of comfort. This is made possible by the backrest made from special, softly yielding PUR foam, by an invisible steel bracket frame which adds to the pleasant swinging feel and of course by the comfortably upholstered seat surface. Still, tempuro is really lightweight, ideal even for temporary offices or flexible meeting rooms.

. PUR moulded foam piece as backrest, arm-rest and seat support all in one piece
. dynamically optimised spring steel core in the back shell
. upholstered seat
. lightweight
. good price-performance ratio
. two-colour finish: back part in white or lava, seat according to choice
. column chrome-covered or white/base polished aluminium or white
. optionally equipped with casters
. matches table systems like torino, trust, state

For tempuro, backrest, arm-rests and seat support are designed as one piece. Thanks to the open design, the back gives the impression as if was floating above the seat. The two-coloured finish allows additional accents: The polyurethane back part is available in white or lava, the colour and upholstery material for the seat can be chosen freely. Optionally available with casters and
weight adjustable – for more mobility at the conference table.