The innovative frame linking chair – with arm-rests and vertically stackable.
An invisible row linking system that works without any additional fixed or moving connection elements: that has been an outstanding characteristic of all models from the first series. The most recent model, first line, features arm-rests with a plastic support and is now also vertically stackable at the same time – stable and secure up to 15 chairs high. first line is available in four different upholstery versions.

. innovative frame linking system
. vertically stackable up to 15 chairs high
. classic formal language, with a multitude of uses
. high-quality craftsmanship
. new shape of shell with innovative crease
. plastic arm-rests
. many choices of materials and colours

The beech plywood shell has been given a special form: a small crease at the rear of the seat further improves spacesaving stackability and ergonomics.