Product description

Apparent Opposites Combine to Form an Interesting Entity
• complementing the fina series
• innovative laminated wood technology
• with or without armrests
• high-quality shell made of plastic or wood
• different upholstery versions
• exciting design
• stackable

The Perfect Combination of High-Quality Plastic and Classy Wrought Wood. The particular charm of fina wood consists in its combining the high quality fina plastic seat shell with a beautifully shaped oak wood frame. Thus fina wood perfectly complements the versatile fina series. A further distinctive feature is the innovative laminated wood technology with its continuous oak veneer layers, giving the impression of solid wood. This technology allows extremely slim crosssections. The shaped wood from domestic forestry is splinter free, robust and thanks to its smooth surface easy to clean. The chair is lightweight yet sturdy. The seat shell is perfectly embedded in the rib frame. This makes the chair look good from all sides. The shell is available as a noble looking plastic version or made of oak wood, with a finish of several matte lacquered stained hues. The seat shell is available in a selection of different upholstery variants and provide even more seating comfort. With or without armrests – both design versions are stackable, even alternating.

Product family



» fina flex – the modular conference table programme
» fina conference stand-up table – the perfect location for spontaneous meetings
» finasoft cantilever chairs with wide arm-rests – the exclusive alternative to finasoft cantilever chairs with circular profile arm-rests
» fina club table – the matching wooden table for fina wood and fina club

The moulded plywood shell is super-fine and super-stable, whether it’s set on four legs, sled-bases, or a cantilever. The design cleverly makes the shell outline look even finer than it really is: the seat is actually a sculpted form and although it measures just 5 mm at the sides, in the middle it’s three times as thick, which lends it real stability.

Plastic Armrest and Cushion Upholstery: New Options for Even More Possibilities.

The four-legged chairs of the successful fina series are now available with an easy to clean plastic armrest. Ingenious: The combination of white plastic and chrome frame. Moreover, a comfortable cushion upholstery is now available for the fina soft series. For this option you can choose from leather and further fabrics from our
House Collection.

fina family . fina
The chairs of the successful fina series are available in numerous variants. This makes fina the right chair for any occasion. Available in a 4 leg, sled or swivel base, plastic or laminated wood – fina is always the right choice. Furthermore different upholstery options are available.

fina family . fina wood . fina bar
fina wood combines nobly wrought wood and high-quality plastic to create an exciting design.

fina family . finasoft . finalounge
Comfortable, offering lots of room to move and featuring a slim design: that’s finasoft and finalounge for you. They are the perfect companions for a long working day in the office.