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cellular is redefining the way we work: it’s modular, combinable and just wonderful. The well-thought-out design makes it easier to concentrate. Or to cooperate. First think, then talk.
Or the other way around. Or both at once. Welcome to the smallest openplan office in the world.

The new cellular fits into any location – and can even grow to meet new challenges if needed, as the amazing feature of these modular working cells is their versatility. Beginning with the broad range of colours, which offer interior designers a great many creative possibilities, the modules can be either deployed to create a private sphere in a large area or provide a space for lively conversation. They are both a place to retreat and concentrate and a starting point for communicative interaction. This versatility also has an impact on the surroundings. Whether open working areas, lounge and waiting areas, or even libraries – they all benefit from using these
intelligently designed modules.
The 60° angle of the modules makes it easy to flexibly arrange the cells to suit changing requirements, transforming empty spaces into accomplished interior design.

The cellular system is as versatile as the range of its applications and the bandwidth of its modules – from workspace to relaxed waiting area. Whether for one, two or more people – for peace and quiet or for dialogue. The intelligent design provides a broad range of options between standing and sitting.

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With its modular CELLULAR workspaces, the German contract furniture brand BRUNNER adapts the classical work cell to the demands of the modern open-space office.