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Slend’s main goal is to make spaces elegant throughout slim and delicate shapes. These lights have three different formats which can be combined as desired, acheiving a large range of applications. We can show them individually or grouped in different heights.

Slend’s is made out of spun aluminum and includes the led bulb inside, which can be easily replaced. The direct light and the bulb with a 100º light opening makes Slend an excellent choice for spaces and objects we want to light up (restaurant tables, store counters, stairwells...).

Brilliant black, brilliant White, polished aluminum.
Slend 01: 7,5 x 200 cm
Slend 02: 11 x 200 cm
Slend 03: 7,5 x 200 cm
Light source: 1 X 6 w GU10 LED