Product description

1 x 6,5 W LED | Lumens 850 lm
Valor cromático / CRI 90 | 2700K

Finishing : Grey Concrete

Product family


"We have managed to get the lamp to illuminate itself completely through its play of shapes. The result is a soft, warm light in contrast to the concrete”.

Moai is made from reinforced concrete, allowing this to be suited for commercial projects as well as residential. But his creativity lies not so much in the choice of material, but rather in the form that Gonzalo gives it and how the light plays with and penetrates that form. From behind, the lamp seems straight and hard, while front lines are so ened. Moai comes with a dimmable LED source that projects light downward. An optical lens has been added to the LED, which works as a magnifying glass; generating in turn a laterally projecting cone of light. And there is the interesting surprise: all of Moai’s concavity appears illuminated without leaving any corner in the dark. “The external bollards illuminate the ground or itself but without playing with the shape”, explains Gonzalo.