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Marietta S/32 Outdoor
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Joana created the first Marietta two years ago, a very personal interpretation of the classic industrial suspended lamps that lit most factories in Europe in the early twentieth century. The Marietta lamp is contemporary, decorative, warm, and enveloping. The original Marietta is clearly an indoor light but Joana wanted to adapt it for outdoor settings. To do so, the Outdoor version is made from white polyethylene, with which she imitated the texture and wave-like form of the ribbon-shade in the original design. It is a lamp designed for terraces, parasols and pergolas; and also for kitchens, bars and restaurants. It is a perfect all-rounder for all these spaces: resistant, easy to clean and very versatile. This versatility has to do with the timelessness that Joana is always looking for in her designs. Her works can stand next to classical pieces and with contemporary ones. This ensures they can be incorporated naturally into people's lives. The Marietta Outdoor is, for many reasons, an example of 'slow-cooked' design where non-conformity and Joana's conviction play important roles in creating the best possible final product. "Every little detail of Marietta Outdoor was thought about a thousand times. Bover takes this precise approach with every lamp they design. This is what separates many products from others. The quality lies not only in the materials but also in the industrial development behind them", explains Joana. This is why Marietta Outdoor is the best Marietta we have been able to develop.

Triac dimming system

8W LED | Lumens: 664 lm | CRI: 80 | Degrees Kelvin: 2700º

Finishing: White

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MARIETTA is an outstanding interpretation of the classical industrial lights installed in most of the warehouses and factories in Europe during the beginning of Century XX.
In Bover we took the decision of going through this classical and function- al lighting model and make it into a warm, contemporary and decorative object, which is able to adapt to any environment and live together with other products more purist and with less presence.
After studying it, we decided to keep the aluminum cone as the original one, also with the metal ring on it, showing discreetly the nature of the luminaire. The handmade ribboned shades make this piece a special and unique one.
MARIETTA collection consists of Big Format lights designed both for corporate and commercial spaces, for the restaurant industry and indoor spaces.
MARIETTA includes a polycarbonate bottom diffuser and is available in dimmable version.