Product description

This luminaire includes LED light bulbs and bulb sockets for bulbs of the following energy classes: LED: A++/A+/A ; bulbs: A++/A+/A/B/C/D/E. The LED light bulbs in this luminaire are not replaceable

Product family


Wall light with brass structure finished in satin nickel, brilliant chrome, or black chrome, available mounted on vertical or horizontal backplate, with brass Flexo arm housing a 1.2W LED in an enclosed Zamac mold injected hood. Features various lamp shade options: double mesh lamp shades, with inner rigid polyester, fire-resistant screens available in black or red, and outer PVC screen shades are available in cotton, black, red, and single lamp shades available in white or cream translucent hand wrapped polyester blend ribbon. Cotton lamp shade does not allow for upper diffuser, due to mounting. Double position switch plate is mounted on base, allowing for both the lamp and LED to be turned on at the same time. Available without adjustable LED Flexo arm. Excluding the Zamac mold injected hood, fixture can be customized as needed.

This luminaire is compatible with the light bulbs of the following energy classes: A++/A+/A/B/C/D/E

Vertical Backplate-box 3.54" x 6.50"
Satin nickel
Brilliant chrome
Black chrome

Horizontal Backplate-box 7.28" x 3.54"
Satin nickel
Brilliant chrome
Black chrome

Flexo made in brass to ensure greater flexibility and rigidity, with Zamac injection. Hood and swith on back plate.

Led: 1.2W Phillips/Luxeon Rebel
Optics: 45º
Lumens: 85 lm
Degrees Kelvin: 2900º
Valor cromático: CRI 85

Outer lampshade 8.66" x 6.30" x 7.09"


* Cotton shade without upper diffuser
** Outer lampshade: PVC cristal

Inner lampshade

*** Inner shade made of a fireresistent polyester rigid film

Replacement part
Rdriver led ballast