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Tonight single bed
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The single bed Tonight: harmonious and sinuous aesthetics, simplicity as a strong point, able to integrate with different stylistic and functional requirements. A comfortable invitation to rest, characterised by soft padding and a rounded design, defined by tailor-made attention to detail. In the single version, Tonight is a bed that manages to characterise the space in which it is placed. Its proportions are carefully studied and the style is widely customisable in terms of details and finishes: light and dynamic in the version with metal feet (Tonight air). The cover, available in fabric, leather or eco-leather, is completely removable.

Tonight is a soft bed, visually as well, with well-balanced proportions between the different elements. An elegant and understated invitation to rest, perfect for those in constant search of essentiality. Tonight represents a furnishing choice capable of combining practicality with the research of manufacturing details, a bed with a pleasant and welcoming image. The solution with storage units provides as a base a large and practical space where to store blankets, pillows and everything you need for the bedroom (Tonight open).

An ornamental border embellishes and emphasises the bed’s perimeter and can be chosen in the same colour or in contrast with the cover. Tonight is also available in the Tonight fun version, with an openable base and supporting piston, for the insertion of drawers or a second bed base.

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