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Kitchen system

System with big storage zones. The aluminium plinth height is 210 or 80 mm.
It can be proposed with tall units with sliding doors or finished doors or with doors in aluminium (frame) and glass (frosted, pressed, black or white).
The wall and tall units are equipped with shelves in chromium-plated wire.

Modular system composed by units with square-edged doors and anodised aluminium handle. Doors in laminate with wood or aluminium edge, setasil, mat or polished lacquer.
The doors are available with aluminium frame and glass doors or, for wall units, with aluminium rolling shutter.

Carcasses: made of 19mm wood-particles panels and treated with high basic weight, melamine resin. European Regulation Class E1 compliant. Finishes: antrachite grey, graphite grey open-pore oak.
Plinths: in aluminium profiles, height and depth adjustable. H= 80 or H=210 mm.

- made of 23mm. medium density panels, varnished, in Boffi range colours. Finishes: setasil, mat+ (mat lacquer), polyester (polished lacquer.
- in laminate made of wood-particles panels, with wood or aluminium trims covered by 0,9mm. HPL laminate available in 26 colours.
- made of 23mm wood-particles veneer (bleached oak, dark oak, graphite grey oak) with wood trim
- 22mm. box-type-structured stainless steel AISI 304 on both surfaces, inner structure filled with plastic inert material.

Handle: in anodised aluminium

base units H= 660 - 790 mm. W= 150 – 300 – 400 – 450 – 500 - 600 – 750- 900-1200 mm.
wall units H= 440 - 600 – 720 - 880 – 1160 mm., width as base units
tall units H= 1900 – 2060 - 2340 mm. W= 300 – 450 – 600 – 900 mm.

in stainless steel, max. width 4000 mm. Hob units and sinks, design Boffi, welded on tops
in laminate with wood trim or stainless steel profile
in wood or corian®, or marble, stone or granite.