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Wardrobe with single side panels, with or without an extruded aluminium profile frame. Available as traditional wardrobe or as a walk-in wardrobe.
Doors available in matt lacquers Silcover or Ecolak, polyester, veneer wood, Metals, melamine-coated or with aluminium frame and glass.
Melamine-coated structure available in 4 colours: thermo-treated larch wood, elm, Mel white and grey Wood. Finished internal accessories: drawer units, trousers-holder, shirt trays, clothes rods, shoe shelves in metal and glass, open-faced compartments for sweaters.
Doors: hinged, sliding and sliding coplanar openings.
Depth and width-adjustable internal accessories for drawers in black matt wood.

Technical Features:
structure and side panels made of melamine-coated panels, thermo- treated larch wood elm, white Mel or grey Wood, 22 mm. thick. Shelves made of melamine-coated panels, thermo- treated larch wood, elm, white Mel or grey Wood, 35 mm. thick.
Structural frame in anodised aluminium bronze.
Doors: honeycomb board panels, 23 mm thick. Available finishes: Metals, Lasermat, Silcover, Ecolak, polyester in range colours; veneer wood (from available range), melamine-coated.
Frame door in aluminium, bronze finishing, available in two options Frame and Framework, with glass – transparent, transparent smoky grey, frosted, white painted, linen mate, ribbed frosted and painted frosted (dove grey, white and coffee).
Matching handles: Aprile 2, Trave (for door with glass frame only Tekna), Tekna, Duemilaotto, X36.
Drawer units made of melamine-coated panels, same colours as cabinets with finished drawers 14 mm. thick.
Trousers-holders and trays for shirts with matt black metal drawer. Clothes rods in extruded aluminium profile, bronze colour.
LED bar lights integrated within the shelves, 2700 K°
Module dimensions: H. 2034- 2322 – 2610 – 2898 mm., d. 425-615 mm. (door included); W. of module with hinged door: 450 – 600 – 900(450+450) -1200(600+600) mm. W. of module with sliding door/coplanar sliding: 900- 1000- 1200 mm.
Accessories: low box with dividers 300x235x42 – 300x117.5x42 mm., tall box with dividers 300x235x100 mm.
Drawer base paddings and accessories made of exclusive fabric.