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Palace | Palatino slim display case
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Product description

Boca do Lobo introduces a colorful special edition of our Palatino display case, with a slimmer profile that targets contemporary spaces and perfect art galleries. Palatino Slim is now a luxury display cabinet that enhances the ever-changing lives of our customers. Each one has three standard bright colors - blackberry, champagne and ginger bronze. However, since the person who really influences the appearance of our products is you, you can transform Palatino Slim into your personal treasures since it is possible to choose other color according to your needs and your projects. Palatino Slim offers many styles and variations, bringing unique ideas into every space. And now the key moment! To open this exclusive display case you will need a special key that will lead you to a very secure and unbreakable interior, composed by a sophisticated glass finished with a precious velvet strip, visible on all four sides. This timeless design with its gracefully arched top compliments all decors from classic to modern while providing an elegant showcase for your collection.

Product features: Composed by mahogany and glass in the front, back and laterals. A sophisticated glass finished with a precious velvet strip, visible on all four sides, composes its interior.
Arts and Techniques: Joinery, Lacquering, Turnery and Varnishing.
Materials and Finishes: Mahogany, Glass
Product Options: Standard colors: blackberry, champagne and ginger bronze
Customization: Custom sizes and colors are available with an upcharge.
Observations for mounting: It contains pads on the base to protect the support area.
Clean and Care: Dry cloth for lacquered part and glass cleaner for the glass part.

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