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Antistatic, antiacid, antibacterical. Beauty and strength are the features that distinguish this line.
Technical raised floors (a structure of inert wood or in cal cium sulphate), covered with decorated or stiffened steel AISI 304 with a thickness of 0,8 mm. For the surface, there is the possibility to choose among 28 decorations.
These floors are very strong and suitable for very busy places. These tiles are also suitable for traditional laying, with adhesive. With steel program we can realize also special works; for example the 4th floor of Hotel Puerta America in Madrid and many other realizations.
This line belongs to class 1 and it is suitable in places with temperature from -40° to +120°.

sizes and weights
102x102x10 mm – plate 0,21 kg per item (20,60 kg sqm)
202x202x10 mm - plate 0,90 kg per item (21,60 kg sqm)
302x302x10 mm – plate 2,17 kg per item (23,80 kg sqm)
602x602x11 mm – plate 10,80 kg per item (29,90 kg sqm)
1202x602x11 mm - plate 23,20 kg per item (32,00 kg sqm)
602x 45x11 mm - fillet inox
602x 90x11 mm - fillet inox
1250x45x11 mm - skirting boards
1250x90x11 mm - skirting boards
Dimensional tolerance + - 1%
Thickness tolerance + - 3%