Freestanding room divider Facet 136 x 200cm in White

Privacy screen from Bloomming, Designed by Bas van Leeuwen, Mireille Meijs

Product description

Not everyone has a separate room they can dedicate just for work. Facet as home/office divider provides a stylish and affordable solution for increased privacy. If you’re looking for the perfect room divider to help you get more work done at home, we'll like to introduce you to Facet.


The ultimate space divider
The Facet freestanding room divider is perfect for dividing the space in rooms. It does this stylishly through capturing and reflecting light. The individual geometric diamond shapes can rotate independently, creating beautiful patterns of light and shade. You have absolute freedom to arrange amazing patterns, pivot the diamonds to catch the light or flip them to create more transparency! It is a wonderful designer piece that does not only look stunning in its own right, it divides spaces elegantly. The Facet freestanding room divider is ideal for your home, commercial/public spaces, hotels, restaurants, offices, showrooms, retail stores or reception areas.

Sustainable & Durable Materials
Facet is designed as a sustainable product. The screen comprises high-quality, strong and durable injection molded materials to ensure that everything we create will really last. The smart click-together system not only makes it simple to assemble, but also little effort to dismantle. Facet is fully recyclable, fire retardant, UV resistant and anti-static.

The Facet freestanding room divider can be placed anywhere in your space. It comes with a clear 6-step assembly instruction. The smart modular design makes assembly and installation very simple.

Facet color collection
Facet is available in a beautiful range of contemporary sophisticated colors. The facets of the geometric diamond shapes catch the light at different angles, creating an attractive array of different shades of the screen’s color. Facet’s unique adjustable design allows you to adapt the way it looks in your space. The fact that you can customize your Facet freestanding room divider means you have absolute freedom to arrange amazing patterns, catching the light or flipping the diamonds to create more transparency. You can adjust the Facet to suit your exact needs.

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Part of the collection room dividers.
Manufacturer Bloomming
Family Facet freestanding room dividers
Architonic ID 20700054
Order number 8719831268160
Year of Launch 2019

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