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Superkink sofa
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Product description

Superkink, the bold big brother of Straw in the form of a sofa and easy chair.
In 2010 we revolutionized tubular steel furniture with our introduction of Straw chair. By kinking the tube into sharp bends instead of the conventional soft curves, we created a previously unenvisaged aesthetic effect and made an audacious design statement. Now – after Straw lounge chair and Straw barstool – Straw’s big brother has arrived on the scene: the Superkink!. Like all older brothers, Superkink is bigger, stronger, full of self-confidence and will do anything to defend his siblings. Superkink comes in the form of an armchair and sofa.
Superkink sofa is for indoor use. Lacquered ”kinked” tubular steel. Padding of polyurethane foam. Fabric or leather cover. Plastic feet.
Seat height 400
Overall height 800
Overall width 1600
Seat depth 522
Overall depth 843

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SUPERKINK, the bold big brother of Straw in the form of a sofa and easy chair.

No, we have not destroyed the properties of steel, we have simply stretched the limits of what is possible. What makes Straw unique is the way the tubular steel has been shaped. Instead of conventional tubular steel forms created by soft curves, Osko + Deichmann have kinked the steel – the most direct and dramatic way of shaping a tube. The broken pipe is known as the most direct way to deform a tube, but placing the kinks in these positions has made the construction strong, and the kinks integrate with the independent expression.

A pipe with kinks or folds in it has always been regarded as a failure, but by carefully selecting where and how to place the kinks, they become decorative details that also retain their strength. Straw, the first chair with kinks in its metal tubes, received the +1 award at the 2009 Stockholm Furniture Fair. Since then the Straw family has grown to include a lounge chair and a bar stool. We’re now maintaining and nurturing this new family situation, and also showing that what can be seen as a failing can be a success. Superkink is a brash big brother of Straw, with hard kinked steel tubing and soft, comfortable upholstery.