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Straw chair
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Product description

Measurements (mm):
Seat height 470
Overall height 845
Seat width 390
Overall width 475
Seat depth 400
Overall depth 595
Weight, kg 6,5

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Straw is a stackable chair and lounge chair constructed entirely of steel. What makes Straw unique is the way in which the tubular steel has been deformed. Instead of forming the frame in gentle bends, Osko + Deichmann have folded the steel tubes. Folds and kinks are the most obvious way to deform a tube, but the contrast with the otherwise rounded shape of the tube produces a result that seems almost to have been fashioned by hand.

Straw received with the Forum +1 Award at the 2010 Stockholm Furniture Fair.

Bent tubular steel has stood as a symbol for modernity in furnishings ever since the innovative designs of Mart Stam and Marcel Breuer in the 1920s. Advances in manufacturing techniques revolutionised the furniture industry and heralded a new era for furniture.

With Straw, Osko + Deichmann pay homage to classic tubular steel furniture, while simultaneously challenging convention both visually and physically, and introducing a striking new expression to the canon of the design.

Can be used outdoors as well as indoors

Lacquered steel. Plastic feet

Measurements (mm):
Seat height 360
Overall height 750
Seat width 480
Overall width 605
Seat depth 430